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Do Nothing strategy by Warren Buffett

Everybody gains, impossible to lose money

How to do nothing and make top money by having the whole world work for you

Since 2018 Derive members only investment club is a win-win deal for amateur and professional investors globally.  No club member has ever lost a penny, everyone makes top money.  We do absolutely nothing and make lots of money by investing in our own and exclusive digital crypto assets - composite derivatives.  These astonishing innovative private securities, developed by our club President Mr. Leibman (see video below) and his team of financial experts, are somewhat similar to ETFs , but took this concept to the entirely new level of lowest risks and highest returns.  

Investing in our digital composite derivatives is like having the whole world work for you.  They track the  prices of the most-wanted hard and soft assets worldwide, including commodities, currencies, stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, etc.  We invest in them all combined via their price trackers - our composite derivatives that work just like ETF shares, but in a crypto mode on a block-chain.  Their prices almost always go up, some dramatically.  Our best year so far was COVID 2020, when we made 87% annual.  This year is slower, we made 3% monthly.  Since 2018 we have been making 50% average yearly


As stated above, we invest in the composite derivatives or derivers, as we call them.  What is it?

Composite derivative - a multi-component asset made from two or more components with different properties that result in a totally-new asset with a synergistic effect, characterized by the fact that the combined action of components significantly exceeds the simple sum of the actions of each component. 

In other words, we invest in the self-powered, self-managed and self-driven bulletproof armored investment vehicles, predesigned to do just one thing and one thing only - make a lot of money for us, when we sleep, eat, have fun and do everything else, except work.  Because it doesn't make any sense for us to work and make money somehow else, rather then by investing in our magnificent derivatives.

There are several of them that we invest in.  Here we present our three historically acclaimed superstars - our "Holly Trinity": Oneder, Trill and Anva.  Oneder (one derivative) tracks all of the most-wanted assets globally.  Trill is anchored to the trillion-dollar IT-corporations. Anva (Aggregated Navigated Value Appreciation) derives value from all of the blue-chip cryptocurrencies. 

Here are their logos, names, this year 10 month returns, descriptions, layers and components:



10 mo. 2023

Oneder (One derivative) tracks dynamics of the most-wanted assets globally. Oneder has 7 layers and 70+ components 



Oil, natural gas, platinum, gold, silver, aluminum, palladium, nickel.

Agricultural raw materials

Corn, sugar, coffee, cocoa, rice, soybeans.

Raw and cut diamonds

IDEX and DFI indexes


US dollar, euro, British pound

Stock market indexes

S&P 500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq

Trillion dollar IT corporations

Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Apple, Microsoft


CCi-30, ANVA



10 mo. 2023

Trill tracks trillion-dollar IT-corporations. It is an investment in them combined and simultaneously - very convenient.


Alphabet (Google)










10 ,mo. 2023

Anva derives value from the blue-chip cryptocurrencies with a market cap of $1B and more. 5 price layers, 30+ components. 




High price

Bitcoincash, Bitcoinsv, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Zcash

Medium price

Augur, Binancecoin, Bitcoingold, Chainlink, Cryptocom, Decred, Eos, Ethereumclassic, Huobitoken, Neo, Qtum, Tezos 

Low price 

Bat, Insightchain, Iota, Ox, Ontology, Paxosstandard, Ripple

Micro price

Cardano, Nem, Stellarlumens, Tron

* Components may renew upon quarterly revisions. 


All of our derivatives are issued as blockchain crypto tokens on the Waves platform and wallets.  Waves is a multi-purpose blockchain platform which supports various use cases including decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts.  Waves delivers extremely fast experiences with extremely low costs. Eco-friendly. Waves aspires to make the most of blockchain, with a minimal carbon footprint.  Waves is an open blockchain platform designed for ease of use and mass adoption. Anyone can use Waves to launch, distribute and trade their own crypto token.

Strategy and tactics

Your money is lost, when you touch it.  But when you don't and invest properly, you make money like us - Derive club members.  Our strategy is simply Do Nothing - look at your holdings, but don't touch them.  Our tactics are also simple - buy, hold, sell.  Purchase club derivatives, hold them tight and sell fractions when you need money - make systematic cash withdrawals but not on a daily basis.  Do it monthly, or quarterly, or annually, like most of us do it.  Our strategy and tactics we have borrowed from our favorite investment guru Mr. Warren Buffet.  Here is a video about it.

Why do we need you?

From a members only private stage to a public market stage there is a pre-market stage, right?  Here's why we need you and many other small, medium and large investors globally.  To make our composite derivatives massively popular before they hit the open market in 2025 - 2026.

What is the most important factor for any investment?  That's right - historical returns.  The better pedigree or provenance your asset has the better it enters and penetrates market.  Right now, we need more and more users of our assets on the pre-market stage to obtain all-we-can-get time-proven positive testimonies when our assets hit crypto-exchanges globally.

In other words, we need you to start making money with us, make lots of money, and provide your true testimony about it.  You and many thousands of other new investors in our magnificent assets during our current 2-year pre-market stage are tickets to success of our upcoming ICO.  Plain and simple.

Income calculator

Your Derive club member income starts with your investment capital.  

If you wish to make X amount of money you need to obtain Y amount in derivatives. 

See your desired monthly income and needed capital on our investment calculator:

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Member testimonials

😉Do Nothing is the most important thing to do when investing with the Derive club.  As one of the founding members I did nothing for years and made top APRs👍


I've joined the club in January 2020. By the end of 2023 my initial capital by itself almost tripled. 💗💛💙


Derive is my golden opportunity not to work ever again.  My investment income  is more then enough for my entire family.


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